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Although aircraft is considered to be a significantly less dangerous way to travel than more mainstream methods like motor vehicles, many aviation and airplane accidents occur on a yearly basis throughout the nation. Whether due to the negligence of an aviation professional such as a pilot or air-traffic controller, or a defect in the machinery of the aircraft, the injuries sustained in these accidents may be eligible for financial compensation to cover a range of costs associated with treatment and recovery. Speak to a knowledgeable Miami personal injury attorney if you have suffered an injury in an airplane accident and would like to discuss your legal options for fighting back.

Common Airplane-Related Injuries

Although scratches, bruises, and other cosmetic injuries may be common in airplane accidents, the types of injuries most associated with aviation accidents are much more serious. The injuries that can come as a result of one such accident can be short-term or long-term, and often include things like broken bones or lost limbs, internal injuries that can lead to bleeding and death, or long-term disability like paralysis which will require professional care for the length of one’s life. The most serious personal injury is death, and this tragedy occurs all-too often in mid-air accidents at top speed and high altitudes. For those that have lost a loved one as the result of negligence, a wrongful death case may be pursued. All of these injuries come at significant financial costs which may overwhelm victims and their families into debt.

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The Law Offices of Maria Rubio value the importance of safety in the air, and have seen countless cases where aviation accidents are caused either by another person’s negligence, or a defect in the machinery itself. In either event, our firm will rely on the details surrounding the event in addition to professional opinion and research in order to build a compelling case for financial compensation. You shouldn’t be held responsible for an accident you did not cause, and the civil courts are an avenue to potentially recover financial compensation from those who should be held liable.

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The victim of an accident caused by the negligent act of another person has the legal right to pursue financial compensation in a civil court. By detailing the injury, the circumstances and the ensuing struggles related to recovery, it is possible to recuperate any lost funds and receive additional compensation for future costs as well.

The Law Offices of Maria Rubio have a strong background in health and medicine, and understand many cases both from a medical and legal perspective. With a specialty in personal injury law, our firm focuses on the important details that make up a strong case. We will work hard to build a solid and compelling argument in our pursuit of a fair settlement or a judgment for financial compensation to cover any costs associated with the injury.

Contact a Miami personal injury lawyer if you have been the victim of an accident caused by another's negligence, and would like to discuss your options.