Personal Injury Claims: Know What to Expect

Don’t feel overwhelmed by your case!

At the Law Office of Maria L. Rubio, we understand how stressed you may be feeling after being involved in a personal injury accident. It is our firm’s goal to give you as much information as possible regarding your case and the personal injury process to ensure you feel relaxed regarding your case. Knowledge is power—and the more knowledge of the process you have, the more confidence you can have in the outcome of your case. While all personal injury claims differ, many of them follow a similar process.

After you have sustained injuries caused by another person’s negligence, the following should occur:

  • Meet with an Attorney
  • File Initial Court Papers
  • Uncover as Much Information as Possible Regarding Your Case
  • Trial
  • Settlement

You do not have to go through this process alone—our Miami personal injury lawyer at our firm is ready to help you obtain the best possible results for your case.

Stages of a Miami Personal Injury Case

While some individuals think they can represent themselves during their personal injury case, it is not advised you do so. When you represent yourself, you may agree to a compensation amount that is much lower than what you actually deserve. It is vital you find an experienced, trustworthy, and affordable Miami personal injury attorney who always looks out for your best interests and fights to protect your rights. At the Law Office of Maria L. Rubio, our dedicated, professional team of lawyers put your best interests and wellbeing above everything else.

After hiring an attorney, they can help you file the initial court papers. Not only can they help you fill them out correctly, but file them with the proper legal divisions, as well. Once all paperwork is filed, your lawyer should uncover all facts relating to your case. In doing so, they should speak with the opponent to ensure all information is known and discussed.

In some personal injury cases, results are reached prior to the case going to trial. If this happens, it is referred to as “Motions to Dismiss.” This is often a beneficial occurrence because you do not have to appear in court and argue your case. However, if the opponent refuses to settle your case before it goes to trial, you and your personal injury lawyer must undergo a somewhat tedious legal battle. However, when you have our firm on your side, you can rest assured knowing your case can go as smoothly as possible.

Once a settlement has been reached, you will obtain monetary compensation. The payout of said compensation depends on the circumstances of your trial, as well as your personal wishes. Many individuals wish to receive payments over time so they do not run out of money for any future medical expenses, while others need the lump sum of money immediately to pay for current, costly medical expenses.

Appealing a Personal Injury Case

In the event you do not obtain the results you wanted, you may be able to appeal your case. If you were not satisfied with your previous personal injury lawyer or wish to speak with our firm to learn how we can help with your case, do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Maria L. Rubio. We have the experience and dedication you need to obtain the best possible results. Free consultations are available!

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