What to do After You Have Been in a Car Accident

A car accident is a scary thing to be involved in, even for those that may have experienced one before. A lot of people do not expect that they will ever find themselves in the situation because they are a cautious driver. Unfortunately, even the safest drivers cannot control others around them on the road. In the aftermath of an auto accident it can be confusing to decide what to do next. Many people are unaware of what to expect and what needs to take place.

The first concern should be safety. Everyone should be checked to make sure that they were not injured or to receive medical attention if they were. Since some people are still on the road after the accident it is important to get to the side or remain in the car with a seatbelt for those that cannot get to the side. Call for help and wait for them to arrive.

Next, information will need to be exchanged and this includes personal contact information, insurance policy numbers, insurance company names, license plate numbers, driver license numbers or any other necessary information. Get a picture of a driver license and license plate if possible. Pictures should also be taken of damage to both cars and the scene of the accident.

A copy of the police report is smart to get a copy of and this should be stored along with any other relevant documents. The incident should be reported to your insurance company but it is important to contact a Miami injury lawyer immediately before giving a statement to your company or to the other drivers company.

Insurance companies can often try to lower their liability so that they can pay less then you deserve. By knowing what to do after the accident, you can increase your chance of a successful end result. Contact our firm immediately to learn more about the best steps to take.

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