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Have you been injured as a result of a government employee or governmental entity action or inaction? While for many years the federal government and Florida government entities enjoyed immunity, known as sovereign immunity, from injury claims this is no longer the case. There are however many conditions and restrictions placed upon the claimant. Whether the entity in question is the United States Government, or a Florida state, county or city government agency or employee, in order to have the best chance of succeeding in your claim, you should work with a respected Miami injury attorney with years of experience helping residents of Broward County and Miami County.

Reasons to Take Out a Claim

There are a number of causes for filing a personal injury claim for compensation against a government entity. The most common include injuries or death caused by medical negligence, hazardous conditions on the premises of a government agency, traffic accidents involving a government owned or leased vehicle, dangerous roads, public transportation, civil rights violations and some instances of government employee negligence or wrongful act. You generally have very short time periods within which to present your claim for damages, in some cases as little as 30 days.

Contact a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

It is important to take action quickly to retain a government negligence lawyer who has the necessary experience and dedication to pursue your claim. A member of our legal team will listen carefully to you and explain your options. There are many complex rules and regulations which govern how a claim must be handled which can be very different depending upon the level of government agency involved. In order to get specific information regarding your unique circumstances, you should discuss your concerns with a skilled personal injury lawyer. Call the Law Office of Maria L. Rubio for an initial consultation.

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The victim of an accident caused by the negligent act of another person has the legal right to pursue financial compensation in a civil court. By detailing the injury, the circumstances and the ensuing struggles related to recovery, it is possible to recuperate any lost funds and receive additional compensation for future costs as well.

The Law Offices of Maria Rubio have a strong background in health and medicine, and understand many cases both from a medical and legal perspective. With a specialty in personal injury law, our firm focuses on the important details that make up a strong case. We will work hard to build a solid and compelling argument in our pursuit of a fair settlement or a judgment for financial compensation to cover any costs associated with the injury.

Contact a Miami personal injury lawyer if you have been the victim of an accident caused by another's negligence, and would like to discuss your options.