Pedestrian Accidents

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Today more than ever, pedestrians are among the highest at risk of being seriously injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle. While it may be true that measures like cross walks and sidewalks contribute to pedestrian safety from motor vehicles, accidents involving pedestrians and cars, trucks and motorcycles occur regularly. When a person is hit by a car and the driver is found to be at fault as a result of negligence, the victim may be entitled to receive financial compensation. No matter the severity of your injuries, it is critical that you speak with a skilled Miami personal injury lawyer as soon as possible if you wish to seek the compensation you are entitled to.

Common Injuries Sustained by Pedestrians

Pedestrians are generally not equipped to protect themselves in an accident with a car, truck or motorcycle, and the resulting injuries can be severe. Many pedestrian accident victims receive medical attention for the following:

  • Broken bones;
  • Head and brain injuries;
  • Lacerations and contusions; and
  • Internal injuries leading to organ failure.

The minimum recovery time for any serious personal injury may require a stay in the hospital, and the hardship associated with treatment and recovery costs could soar even higher. In many cases, these injuries can also have a negative impact in terms of the ability to make a living, and increased debt due to large medical costs could lead to bankruptcy and lifelong financial hardship.

The Law Offices of Maria Rubio are well-versed in pedestrian accident cases and have a special focus on promoting the needs of personal injury victims throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Our firm has an expectation to provide the highest possible level of legal representation given the unique circumstances of your claim, and will work diligently to see that you are compensated for any and all costs associated with the injuries suffered at the hands of driver negligence.

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The victim of an accident caused by the negligent act of another person has the legal right to pursue financial compensation in a civil court. By detailing the injury, the circumstances and the ensuing struggles related to recovery, it is possible to recuperate any lost funds and receive additional compensation for future costs as well.

The Law Offices of Maria Rubio have a strong background in health and medicine, and understand many cases both from a medical and legal perspective. With a specialty in personal injury law, our firm focuses on the important details that make up a strong case. We will work hard to build a solid and compelling argument in our pursuit of a fair settlement or a judgment for financial compensation to cover any costs associated with the injury.

Contact a Miami personal injury lawyer if you have been the victim of an accident caused by another's negligence, and would like to discuss your options.