Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable motor vehicle operators on Florida roads today. One significant factor in the rate of serious motorcycle accidents is the point that the drivers of many traditional motor vehicles such as trucks and automobiles do not do their part to stay aware of motorcyclists at all times, and apply safer, more defensive driving skills when in close proximity to a motorcyclist. This unfortunate fact, coupled with minimum-standard protection for motorcyclists, contributes to the serious degree of injury that many suffer in the event of an accident.

Dangers Associated with Motorcycles

The possibility of death from a motorcycle accident injury is increased significantly compared to other motor vehicle accidents, especially in cases of high-speed accidents. Because of less protection available in the event of a crash, such as air bags, seat belts, roll-bars or a well-reinforced interior, motorcyclists are often at the mercy of cause-and-effect in an accident. Broken bones are a common injury and may be considered minimal in the face of other, more serious consequences like lost limbs, internal injuries, brain trauma and death. It is important that any victim of a motorcycle accident speak with an experienced Miami personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to determine the best possible next step.

Attorney Maria Rubio understands how deeply personal injuries can contribute to financial hardship in the event of a motorcycle accident in terms of paying medical bills or other costs associated with treatment and recovery. Our firm works closely with clients to determine the circumstances surrounding the event, and will provide the best possible opportunity for receiving compensation for any injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident due to driver negligence. We can help recover costs related to physical, mental and emotional injuries sustained, and may even be able to provide just compensation.

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The victim of an accident caused by the negligent act of another person has the legal right to pursue financial compensation in a civil court. By detailing the injury, the circumstances and the ensuing struggles related to recovery, it is possible to recuperate any lost funds and receive additional compensation for future costs as well.

The Law Offices of Maria Rubio have a strong background in health and medicine, and understand many cases both from a medical and legal perspective. With a specialty in personal injury law, our firm focuses on the important details that make up a strong case. We will work hard to build a solid and compelling argument in our pursuit of a fair settlement or a judgment for financial compensation to cover any costs associated with the injury.

Contact a Miami personal injury lawyer if you have been the victim of an accident caused by another's negligence, and would like to discuss your options.